Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the app require a subscription?
No. The free version of the app allows you to create up to two rules with full functionality. Unlimited are unlocked with a one-time purchase.
How do I know what automations will be triggered?
By clicking on Rules Icon in the Menubar you are shown the shortcuts that will be triggered in the next 24 hours.
How do I set a Focus Mode until the end of an event?
Follow this tutorial to learn how to set a focus mode until an event ends. It works by passing the end date of the event as input to your shortcut.
Is my Calendar data uploaded or shared?
No. The app is designed to work completely offline so that all your data stays on your device.
Does this work with my Exchange, Google, Yahoo or ... Calendar?
Rules connects to the Apple Calendar app. So as long as your calendar is synced with the Apple Calendar app it will work.
My automations did not run!
Rules can only run automations while your Mac is awake. You can decide if you want to run shortcuts, that would have occured during sleep, at a later time when the Mac wakes up.
I can not find / select my Shortcut when creating a rule.
First try pressing the Reload Shortcuts List button in the bottom left. This will lead to a complete refresh of the Shortcuts list. If this does not work or you are missing a whole folder of Shortcuts please restart your system, as Shortcuts does not reliably share new folders with other apps.